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Value-Driven Ideas and IoT Business Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to many things connected to the internet to practically share data with other things — IoT applications, connected devices, industrial machines, and much more.

Building custom IoT business solutions can change the world, one company at a time, with data-backed technology and the right 
IoT consulting services from your trusted experts.

In sum, internet-connected devices use built-in sensors to collect data and improve how we operate in society, from a smart home that automatically adjusts the lighting to a factory that monitors industrial machines to search for problems to avoid failures and optimize labor time.

Emphasizing IoT Go To Market Strategy

Through IoT consulting, we help struggling and well-established companies understand how IoT fits into their business ecosystem quickly and efficiently so it’s ready to market.

Our experts at BH IoT Group build and execute a successful IoT sales, marketing, and product strategy, and IoT strategy consulting for companies of all industries. If your company has gotten deeply into IoT and found itself lost and struggling to see the return on its investment, you’ve come to the right place.

We understand that successful deployments take experience, flexibility, and a degree of agnosticism to IoT business solutions so that technology fits your sales strategy and not vice versa. 

At BH IoT Group, we aren’t just technology providers offering advice around platforms, devices, software, management, and connectivity. We are problem solvers who understand that the real value of a successful IoT strategy lies in the strategy and execution.

Our IoT consulting services help groups launch new offerings, revamp existing programs, and expand capabilities within the IoT space, allowing them to generate new sources of revenue. We understand the difficulty that the final mile represents and design for it from the very start.


There are solutions to help with your IoT go to market strategy. We help get you to market faster, clearly see ROI, and integrate IoT successfully into your long-term business plans and overall IoT strategies.

Our team specializes in both advising and designing tailored IoT sales, marketing and product strategies, and IoT consulting services to fit your company’s needs.

Our Team is Your Team

We seamlessly coordinate with your team, expanding your capabilities to help you achieve your objectives and decrease your IoT go to market time. Our experts with decades of experience are responsible for minimizing or eliminating any missteps that can tarnish IoT strategies and initiatives.

IoT Business solutions at any stage

We are adept at any stage of the IoT business process. But like with all journeys, the best place to start is the beginning - this is where you have the opportunity to set a strong foundation.

It's imperative to understand how IoT integrates into your business entirely. You also need a clear idea of what you want to sell and how, and what specific customer problems will you solve. The earlier this is determined, the more effective your strategy will become.

We help you determine your best solution at any stage of your journey, from the beginning to the end.

Ready for your new or revised IoT sales strategy?

We’re ready when you are. Let's get started on your iot business solutions.

BH IoT Group enables technology and enterprise organizations to strategically develop and execute IoT go to market strategies and IoT consulting services that monetize the connected world.

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