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Ecosystem Partners

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direct communications solutions (DCS)

Direct Communication Solutions (DCS) solves everyday business challenges through technology-based solutions. DCS is a hardware distributor and IoT solutions provider. We offer simplified technology-based solutions to improve the daily operations of businesses across various market verticals. By working with an internal team of engineers, we offer engineering and logistic services alongside hardware to create solutions that solve everyday business challenges. DCS offers a unique combination of extremely talented wireless engineers with industry experts to help you navigate the overwhelmingly complicated IoT industry.

hatchworks technologies

HatchWorks Technologies is your product partner for software-enabled solutions. We specialize in creating custom applications, advanced data-enablement solutions and data workflow automation to drive actionable data insights and scale the value of your IoT ecosystem.


Metrologics provides products and advanced technical solutions to your site automation, measurement, analysis, communications, and data transport problems. Their 35+ years of experience as IoT vendors and a constant linkage to the newest technology allow them to offer creative and reliable solutions.


Tofane Global is the leading communications solutions group enabling operators and digital players worldwide with their core strategies, performance, and transformation.

As the result of the acquisitions of Altice Europe N.V. and iBASIS, Tofane Global ranks as the third largest wholesale voice operator, servicing 1,000+ customers across 18 offices worldwide. 

TOFANE is addressing the USD 40+ billion international voice, data and mobile carrier market by delivering coverage, scale and solutions to help customers perform and transform in the digital era.


IoTM Solutions Ltd. offers a collection of cloud business solutions, that make up a horizontal cloud-computing platform offered online at
IoTM’s vision is to be the premier business solutions provider and IoT vendors for IoT connectivity and application service providers.

data2go wireless

Provides organizations the flexibility to manage all of their devices from a “single pane of glass” via our Apogee Platform. Founded in 2012 and acquired by Zirrus Group in 2014, Data2Go Wireless has been serving the wireless connectivity needs of businesses across the United States.

Their mission is to help your company meet the ever growing challenges of data connectivity. Whether you are trying to create a highly available data network or enabling your M2M or IoT devices, Data2Go can help. Through our Nationwide Carrier Agnostic Network™ and our hardware manufacturer partners, Data2Go Wireless has a solution for your company.


The CallPass Companies provide a wide array of GPS Based Solutions, IoT Services, IoT Solutions and Integration Platforms allowing companies to maximize profitability through efficiency.

They are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services across a wide spectrum of vertical markets. Their near Real-Time GPS offerings are backed by the largest and most advance Telco Providers, Hardware Design Manufacturers and other partners critical to their success and positioning them to handle your GPS and IoT needs. With global reach and headquartered in Clearwater Florida, The CallPass Companies have been industry leaders and IoT vendors in the asset tracking industry for over a decade and counting.


Nodle is a connectivity provider for the Internet of Things. The company has built a robust Bluetooth Low Energy-powered network to help companies and cities connect and collect data from their devices, sensors and tags.

The Nodle Network is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies to locate their assets all over the US. Micromobility companies in the bike or scooter sharing industry also have the potential to utilise the network to improve their location tracking capabilities. The range of applications in asset tracking can go from consumer tracking devices, to Bluetooth tags that can locate pallets, goods, vehicles and parcels.

frost & Sullivan

For over five decades, Frost & Sullivan has become world-renowned for its role in helping investors, corporate leaders and governments navigate economic changes and identify disruptive technologies, Mega Trends, new business models and companies to action, resulting in a continuous flow of growth opportunities to drive future success.

james brehm & associates

James Brehm & Associates is an IoT solutions provider research and strategy firm.

The foundation of their research and advisory service is based on their primary research data, which informs the advice and recommendations that they give to clients. They believe that the quality of their IoT research and the insights that they generate from it are the best available in the market today.

the things industries

The Things Industries brings you the required resources for your LoRaWAN solution, while the help control costs and speed up time-to-market. Their enterprise-grade stack will meet your requirements for security, scalability and robustness. Their customers rate them high as IoT vendors on product quality and support provided.

beecham research

Beecham Research Limited (BRL) is a leading technology market research, analysis and consulting firm established in 1991. They have specialized in the development of the rapidly-growing Connected Devices market – often referred to as M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) – worldwide since 2001. They are internationally recognized as thought leaders and IoT vendors in this market and have deep knowledge of the market dynamics at every level in the value chain. 


TagoIO offers an end-to-end cloud platform that transforms the way businesses create value from connected products and user interactions. TagoIO requires minimum effort to setup and operate. Under the PaaS model, IoT vendors, TagoIO, provides all the functionalities to perform: device management, data storage, real-time data visualization, user management, custom analytics, and notifications. To accelerate the time-to-market, TagoIO includes white-label options to enable a higher level of customization. The expertly-designed User Interface allows non-technical personnel to prepare and sell solutions quickly and easily. From its headquarters in Raleigh, NC, USA,  TagoIO supports local and international businesses to build the best solution possible.