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IoT services

At BH IoT Group, we’re a leading IoT Consulting Practice that concentrates on your IoT needs. Our team specializes in advising and designing tailored IoT strategies and services to fit your company’s needs while handling your product and business development. We then implement the right IoT services and designed execution for success.

We enable technology and enterprise organizations to strategically develop and execute IoT go-to-market strategies and IoT services that monetize the connected world.

We Were IoT Before It Was IoT

M2M, CSD, CDPD and 2G were leading edge technologies. Fortunately and unfortunately we have been in the business for a long time, over 30+ years each! Helping clients make an impact in their company and the market through IoT services is why we do this.

We maintain focused on the business impact IoT will have on an organization and customers, how to integrate seamlessly and bring products and IoT services to market that can succeed and demonstrate a strong ROI and new stream of profitable revenue.

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IoT Services and Strategy

With decades of experience, the team at BH IoT Group has designed, developed, built and executed IoT strategies for companies with a focus on commercialization and monetization of their IoT products, services and visions. Our successfully deployed strategies have helped groups launch new offerings from an incubator stage to full successful deployments, revamp existing programs and expand capabilities within the IoT space allowing them to generate new sources of revenue.

Execution of our developed IoT services is critical to the services we provide clients. We design and build the IoT strategy component then become integrated into the client’s team across every level of the organization to help them achieve their stated business objectives at all stages of the plan. 

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Executive IoT Consulting

Within today’s business environment, time, resources and limited contacts in the industry is your enemy. Knowing the reality of the worldwide IoT go to market strategy and eco-system allows us to create initiatives and IoT services that will help Executive Leaders rapidly execute and accelerate their IoT Business Units, companies or offerings.

BH IoT Group continues to provide Executive Teams with proven, defendable, and innovative IoT strategies, programs and execution focused business plans for building and rapidly expanding an IoT Business Unit and generating new profitable revenue to the company. Successful IoT services are built across every business unit within the company. At BH IoT Group, we meet and define the needed strategies, to ensure every leader in their respective business unit understands their key role to meet and exceed the designed strategy.

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IoT Go to Market Planning and Strategy

Relationships help a successful IoT go to market strategy launch get off the ground. Having the right distribution channel or a better prepared direct sales team, along with the best connectivity partners and support systems defines the success of our creative IoT go to market planning.

Our team will deliver a defendable, and proven execution focused IoT go to market plan that will bring clients IoT devices, products, services and solutions to enterprise, industrial IoT and consumer markets.

Every company involved in IoT business solutions is different in their approach to selling, support and creating the needed business model for success. Our team understands this, because we educate ourselves everyday to ensure we know how the successful companies are winning opportunities, and the valued lessons, when they don’t win an opportunity.

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Direct Sales and Channel Development

The BH IoT team has been leading and helping sales teams within the IoT industry for decades with training programs, materials, IoT services, and strategies for closing IoT deals. Our proven programs can help technology companies sell IoT to end-users  and channel partners.

When an IoT product or services group needs an innovative and success driven channel partner or distribution strategy, they call the the team at BH IoT Group. The proven indirect IoT sales programs designed and implemented by our team are focused on how to best position and close deals. 

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IoT Devices, Platform and Application Development

The BH IoT team has been directly involved in the launch of thousands of IoT devices, platforms and applications over the last 30 years. We have the experience to know what will sell, to whom and how, along with pricing IoT devices, value propositions and market positioning. We work with clients pre-development, during development and when their IoT devices are ready for final approvals. Our focus is helping our clients build sellable and industry leading IoT devices and services.

Our team has experience with carriers to clearly understand their certification process, sales teams, support mechanisms and can review with their leadership what is needed for the company to attain their long term goals. We meet with regional leaders, so we know what is happening locally, then execute on the quarterly business reviews to continue the needed success for all involved. This methodology is used with the MNO’s, MVNE’s, distributors, system integrators and platform providers.

IoT is entering every business and product across all industries. The market knowledge, connectivity expertise, experience in bringing businesses and products into the targeted new markets and the deep industry contacts is how we inject IoT in any company and help expanding their IoT devices portfolio.

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Hardware Integration

The IoT solutions group at BH IoT Group has successfully designed programs that meet carrier certification requirements annually. This is attained through meeting with leaders at the carrier level on a consistent basis. But it doesn’t stop there! We meet with the module, antenna and hardware manufacturers to consistently stay abreast of what is changing and needed for success.

Hardware providers have started the process of extending their design to include sensor management. BH IoT Group already positioned themselves with continued education on leading technology such as LoRaWAN, Sidewalk, BLE 5.0, CBRS, and Wi-Fi 6 to name a few. 

Why We Do What We Do

At BH IoT Group, we specialize in building and executing successful IoT strategies for companies struggling with either understanding where IoT technologies fit into their business or are deeply involved with IoT and need to realize their return on investment.

 We know how to weave companies into the fabric of the tech industry eco-system, drive revenue and add value to your strategic business initiatives. This ultimately increases shareholder value and makes you a stronger player in the IoT field.


 Our IoT services are designed to get you to market faster, realize ROI and integrate IoT successfully into your long-term business plans and overall company strategy. We effectively coordinate with your team at every level to expand your capabilities, decrease your IoT Go-to-Market time and minimize any potential missteps that can harm your IoT initiatives.

 We are adept at any stage of the IoT business process, but the best place to start is at the beginning. Understanding how IoT products and technologies integrate into your business and how you want to position your company within the IoT ecosystem is crucial for the success of any IoT initiative.

And if you are a large enterprise of a Fortune 1000 Company seeking to expand your position within the exploding IoT world, our team can help you in numerous ways with product strategy, GTM and revenue business models.

 IoT is HARD and the team at BH IoT Group knows how to break it down to simplify the approach and realize a positive revenue stream. We’ve experienced the struggles and roadblocks at every level and know how to maneuver through the land mines for success.

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