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Rugged Telemetry is an industrial IoT company that focuses on applications related to tank monitoring.

Industrial IoT Devices

Rugged Telemetry’s devices are used in:

  • chemical tanks for injection
  • water tanks
  • bulk storage tanks for the canning industry
  • open pit tanks for water monitoring
  • mobile tanks (which is a combination of tank level monitoring and logistics)
  • water telemetry, including SCADA systems, so they have a drop-in replacement that controls the PRVs (pump stations) and looks at the tank monitoring.

They also work with utilities and have a three-phase power monitor which can read the meter and then push that information back to the utilities.

Industrial IoT Technology at Work

One recent project in Puerto Rico started off as the traditional “Can you monitor our six tanks in a bulk tank room?” Rugged Telemetry visited the site and put together one of their systems that does eight tanks and modified it down to six tanks. While putting it together they realized they also needed to recirculate the chemicals in the tanks and added a recirculation system.

Then they adapted their tank monitoring system and added a recirculation panel. Later, it became known that there were an additional six pumps on the back of the building for fluid that comes back into the tanks when the trucks drop off the liquid.

The Rugged Telemetry team now understood that the client needed more than just tank monitoring, but a way to track all the actions involved. In this case, it was recirculating the pumps, feed it back to the panel when filling, and include an automatic shut-off to make sure the tanks don’t overfill. They used the main tank panel to feed information to drive the controls.

Another project involved a diesel fuel tank in a remote location where the owners needed to have data for when someone pulls small amounts of liquid from the tank. Rugged Telemetry used their approach to assess the client’s needs. This meant they had to find sensors that were battery-operated, could last for seven years in a remote location, and used satellite communications. They were able to find 80 GHz radar technology that could measure when somebody takes 15 gallons of fuel out of the tank.

Full-Service IoT Solution Providers

What makes Rugged Telemetry unique is their full systems integration. It’s more than just tank-level monitoring; they want to know what else they can do for you. Their method is to figure out what the customer is trying to do by asking the right questions. When you figure out what someone is trying to accomplish with tank monitoring, then you can integrate into their other systems.

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