4 Ways to Influence Your Business as an Entrepreneur

Both new and established companies benefit when certain practices are implemented within the organization. These four ways to influence your business from IoT experts can help your company prosper over time.

4 Ways to Influence Your Business


One of the best ways to create recognition for your brand is having a clean, professional logo. A striking image helps you stand out from the competition, and the color and design of this symbol is a simple way to communicate who your target audience is. If you have a marketing department, collaborate with them to design a unique, enticing logo for the company. If no employee has enough experience to do so, hire a graphic designer to create it for you.


Even if your office is particularly small, you need a well-organized business structure for the daily operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Everyone needs clearly defined roles, managers, and responsibilities; this prevents tasks from being overlooked. Furthermore, cross-train employees. If there is only one employee who knows how to handle payroll, you need someone who can manage the books if that staff member is out.

Another process that helps create an effective business structure is establishing a limited liability company. As an LLC, you are not only recognized as a legal business organization, but you also have the benefits of a large conglomerate’s limited liability without all the paperwork and hoops to jump through. If you need to expedite the process of registering your startup with your state, online formation services can do the heavy lifting to get your LLC approved quickly. Although many people immediately think of companies such as LegalZoom when they start looking into formation services, there are actually other, more affordable options available that can get the job done efficiently.

Strengths and Weaknesses

In order to market your company appropriately, you and your team must have an intricate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the products and services. When consumers ask questions about the goods, your staff needs to know how to properly address any concerns and put the customers’ minds at ease. Similarly, your strengths may be what set you apart from competitors, so teams need to know how to best showcase these aspects. Work with your sales, marketing, and product development teams to evaluate areas of success and where there is room for improvement. Any teams who communicate with customers, such as customer service, scheduling, marketing, and sales, should go through training when new products are released.

Customer Communication

One report states that 51% of customers will not purchase from a company again if they have a poor experience. While you might offer the best products on the market, a lack of communication can make all the difference in whether or not a customer returns.

Offer multiple options for buyers to connect with your staff; this includes phone, email, text, online scheduling, and chat features. A thorough note needs to be logged every time client communication occurs; this ensures all data is present should a manager need to review a situation.

Finally, the staff should provide prompt follow-ups for customers. If a purchaser is waiting to hear back about a scheduling, shipping, or product question, they do not want to take additional time to call back for an update. If customer service needs to research a question, the representative should give the customer a time frame of when he or she will call back and make sure that time is met.

Regardless of the type of your business, focusing on these four elements of your business model can help your company succeed and produce a return on your investment.

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