E-Skin IoT Technology Could Monitor Health Stats

CNN has recently published an article about a new IoT technology product. E-skin IoT technology would be a piece of electronic skin worn on the body that can monitor your heartbeat and send health information to your doctor. Innovations like this are what make the IoT industry so important. They are always changing and getting better with the ultimate goal of helping people through IoT technology.


What is E-Skin IoT Technology?

Japanese researchers have created a thin, lightweight electronic skin made from polyvinyl alcohol with a layer of gold. It can been worn on the chest for up to a week and uses a water spray adhesive. This wearable sensor can monitor heartbeat and electrical impulses from muscle movement. Using a small wireless transmitter, also on the chest, the data can be sent to a smartphone, laptop, or the cloud. It can then be remotely monitored by your doctor.

How Can It Be Used?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, several IoT devices have been created to help us live a more remote lifestyle. This e-skin is just one such product.  It is especially helpful for older people who need to have their health monitored, but are not able to leave the house or visit a doctor’s office regularly.

An additional LED display for the back of the hand is in development. It would show heartbeat data in the form of easily understood graphics. This makes is easy for those without a smartphone or who have difficulty using one to accurately monitor their health. The display could also receive simple emojis from loved ones to help the wearer feel connected.

This e-skin can also be used for high-performance athletes. When integrated into sportswear, it can track body movements and send the data to a laptop. Then, connected software can analyze the data and provide helpful visualizations to the wearer or their coach. This would help identify specific metrics and more easily guide instructions for improvement.

Potential Outlook for This IoT Technology

Over the last few years, BH IoT Group has been involved with flex technology for IoT that use sensors, RF modems, processors, and battery capabilities. This new e-skin innovation takes flex to a whole new level. If we were able to track people or animals using a spray-on IoT asset tracker, we could learn a lot! Even over the course of just one week or one month, the amount of data collected could inform new ways of providing healthcare and how we view the world. If used in health related environments, it could help make critical decisions during life or death situations. There is a crazy number of use cases for this IoT technology and it has amazing potential!


Your IoT Technology, Our Experience

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