EDGE Computing Technologies Driving Smart Manufacturing

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Steve Brumer recently moderated the “EDGE Computing Technologies Driving Smart Manufacturing” webinar with Gennadiy Birosiv, Klika Tech President and Co-CEO, Tim Hennen, Lenovo’s Smart EDGE Director, and Austin Ashe, Global Head of Strategic OEM Partnerships at Amazon Web Services.

They explored EDGE-to-cloud solutions for intelligent manufacturing IoT technologies and the emerging opportunities to do more with data at the EDGE.

They discussed the IoT manufacturing landscape, the ROI in IoT, how predictive maintenance plays within the intelligent factory floor, and the architecture around EDGE-to-outcome solution building.

Watch the recording of the event, above, to learn more about the IoT go-to-market manufacturing landscape and the challenges and opportunities for accelerating EDGE-to-cloud solutions for advanced monitoring and control of operations.


Why We’re Talking About EDGE Computing Technologies

EDGE computing today is extremely important to what we are trying to build within the industrial IoT space. As we push hardware and software deeper into machines, we need to figure out what EDGE computing technologies can do as it relates to the analytics and the different types of information you can get from those devices out on the EDGE.


Insights for the Industrial Market

Any type of small improvement in efficiency can result in millions of dollars of savings. As the technology is evolving, especially around AI and computer vision, we’re seeing opportunities to take advantage of that. For example, an automatic optical inspection. As devices are coming down the conveyor belt, we can scan them with a camera and recognize any type of anomalies or defects before they leave the factory. This is important because once they leave the factory, the shipping cost and everything to replace that defective device can really blow up the margins. Anomaly and defect detection utilizes that standard EDGE architecture.


Getting Started in the EDGE Computing Industry

Put together a kit which allows a company to measure sensor data, see the data in the dashboard, and take a step-by-step approach. A kit that uses Lenovo’s nano IoT gateway production device can be used in a real-world environment to sense, send, and present the data. Adding an AWS green grass platform sends the data to the actual AWS architecture which supports the entire data flow from the sensor to the gateway to the dashboard. Adding gateways, sensors, and locations will rely on this architecture scaling. Starting with a dev kit that is easily understood and deployable will allow you to scale further.


Working with IoT Partners vs. Other Partners

Introducing the T from IoT, the hardware (gateways and sensors), adds a significant amount of complexity to how partners become part of the APN network and how they interlink between each other into solutions that actually solve customer’s outcomes. The path to those outcomes is in the EDGE-to-outcome value chain.


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Watch the full video, above, to learn more about EDGE computing technologies for the industrial manufacturing market.

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