How to Use Microsoft Azure & AWS for Monitoring IoT Devices

Monitoring IoT devices doesn’t have to be an intense process that causes headache after headache. Connecting your devices to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables you to quickly and easily access your data, manage your devices, and make critical business decisions in a timely manner. Many IoT developers wonder which one to choose or if they need both. Today, we’re breaking down the basics of each platform and sharing our two cents on how to use them.

 How to Use IoT Devices

How to Use Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an all-in-one platform that enables you to connect billions of IoT devices, monitor them from anywhere, and control their settings and data remotely.

Open source templates give you the ability to develop and integrate applications with IoT devices, or use their other comprehensive platform services to create flexible solutions.

You can rest easy knowing that all your data is fully secured by the most proactive leader in IoT security.

Continue to innovate and adapt with enhanced data, artificial intelligence, and analytics solutions. Microsoft Azure’s sustainability means you can integrate your existing systems with ease, making the transition process much easier for everyone on your team.

With Azure IoT Edge, you can maintain reliable operations even while offline. Using the Azure Certified Device catalog, you can easily locate IoT devices with advanced edge capabilities that can be deployed at scale.

How to Use AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that provides a range of products for applications, blockchain, developers, IoT, robotics, AR & VR, and much more.

Specifically for the Internet of Things, there are several services for managing IoT devices. Use the platform to connect them to the cloud, then organize and manage each device from anywhere you have internet.

Incorporate your favorite web services with your devices and monitor their analytics to evaluate performance and cost. This information shows you where you can improve technology or cut expenses.

With AWS, you can simplify the IoT event detection and response process. You choose which data sources to monitor, develop a plan for managing them, and select the alert to trigger the response.


Combining Microsoft Azure and AWS

Although each of the platforms is robust enough on its own, using them together gives you even more power to monitor your IoT devices. Migrate and manage existing IoT devices in AWS, then build new ones in the easy-to-use modules of Microsoft Azure. Compare data insights between platforms to build a comprehensive report and make more informed business decisions. Monitor performance and manage costs across both platforms to make the most of these devices and scale as necessary.


Monitor Your IoT Devices with Ease

These devices are a critical part of the ecosystem, but managing them doesn’t have to take up all your time. Work with Microsoft Azure, AWS, or both to get the greatest insight into your device performance and cost, as well as upgrading and innovating your technology and solutions for the IoT market.

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