IoT Nuggets | Ask Steve About IoT Consulting: He Knows

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Today on IoT Nuggets, we’re getting back to basics with just Doug and Steve. In this episode, Doug is grilling Steve with some hard-hitting questions to help you better understand exactly how BH IoT Group can help you with IoT consulting.

IoT Consulting’s Sweet Spot

We’ve covered several different IoT topics over the last 22 episodes, all of which Steve and John could be considered experts at, but their sweet spot is helping companies with their commercialization and monetization strategies.

If you have an IoT product, service, or other kind of disruptive technology, BH IoT Group can help you bring it to market for the right price with the right vendors and resellers. Steve and John have brought hundreds of products and services to market over the last three decades all across the world. From international companies expanding in to the US, to American companies going to market in other countries, we help them find their place in the ecosystem.

What Comes Next?

It takes us just one phone call to find you the partner that’s going to accelerate your strategy to success. Our relationships with distribution and channel partners, resellers, and integrators help you accelerate your IoT deployment. We can also connect your with trade show vendors to get the word out. We’ll advise on which shows to go to, how to get on a panel, entry to win an award, and more. It’s in your best interest to use our IoT consulting services, connections, people, and ability to differentiate you on a bigger scale.

IoT Consulting Can Change the World

Just last year, BH IoT Group finished a deployment of the LoRaWAN network in Puerto Rico across 45 sites. Our team was involved from the very beginning, putting together the joint ventureship and getting reselling set up. This enables the people of Puerto Rico to track better and improve asset management.

To help combat the Coronavirus pandemic, BH IoT was able to develop a tracking device for vaccines that starts from the moment of manufacture to the time it goes into a patient’s arm.

BH IoT also works with companies in the Department of Defense, air force bases, and army bases to use IoT technology that makes those bases safer, more efficient, and more productive.

IoT Consulting’s Lasting Impact

We have a chance to change the world by bringing together clients and programs that are innovative and disruptive. It’s important to us that really cool things get done in the IoT space, so please, contact us online and see how we can help you!

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