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Welcome back to another episode of IoT Nuggets with Doug and Steve! They are joined today by a special guest, Bill Molesworth from autocavo, to talk about IoT security with their small fleet maintenance and management.

Who is autocavo?

Bill has been working in the M2M and IoT space for a long time at one of the largest players in the industry. He then decided to build a startup when he saw an opportunity to address a very well-known market in a very different way. Today, he and his team work with small fleets on a unique approach.

Approximately 50% of vehicles live in the small fleet space. Autocavo’s approach is to connect the people who service the fleets to their fleet customers so they can provide the services at the exact time and place they’re needed.

What’s Behind IoT Security?

Autocavo’s IoT security product is very simple because they aren’t selling to Class A trucks or heavy equipment. Instead, they bring big fleet capability to small fleets that include sedans, pick-up trucks, and vans. They offer plug-and-play OBD2 devices that take just 10 seconds to install and include automatic onboarding.

It’s an easy, low-effort way to get up and running. You simply order the product from autocavo’s website and have it shipped to you. There’s no form to fill out our salesperson to talk to.

Once connected, the device captures information such as geo-fencing, driver scoring, engine codes, and maintenance codes. All this information is displayed on an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly dashboard for the fleet owner. Then, the information can be sent to the fleet’s auto maintenance company to schedule service.

How Much Does IoT Security Cost?

The cost for the device is currently one of the lowest on the market. However, autocavo is trying to make it even more affordable. Right now, you can buy the device right from the autocavo website and pay a monthly service fee. For service providers, this offsets their acquisition cost (which can be upwards of $150 to get a car in a bay). It helps them get a visit from the same customer more often and getting that customer to engage with more services.

Stay Connected with IoT

Thanks for joining us, Bill! To learn more, visit Autocavo online and reach out with questions or start your purchase for IoT security.

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