IoT Nuggets | Real-Time Security with CallPass’s Fleet Management IoT Device

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Hello everyone! And welcome to another episode of IoT Nuggets! Jason Ashton, President and CEO of CallPass, is joining Doug and Steve for the third time. He’s here to talk about his company’s LANA Fleet product and the importance of bleeding-edge technology and strategies in deploying a fleet management IoT device that involve live-view cameras in a live environment.

What is a Fleet Management IoT Device?

Through the evolution of technology and emergence of dash cams, CallPass was able to take their consumer-branded dash camera, Owl Cam, and develop a fleet platform, LANA Fleet. The asset tracking platform itself is called LANA, which is an acronym for Locate Analyze Notify Action. For the fleet world, the camera gives you all your telematics in one place. There’s no need for an OBD dongle to support the camera. You don’t need to try and match up telematics events with photos or stored data. You get a live feed from the camera, inside and outside in real time, so you can monitor the road, surroundings, driver and driver behavior. The emphasis is on driver safety and reduction of liability when a driver is accused of causing an accident or other event that has a large financial impact attached with it. Having a 24/7 live view, you’ve got all the historical data so you can go back and watch a video clip and prove no-fault or help you out in the event there was one.

Who is a Fleet Management IoT Device For?

The service industry is one of the biggest targets for CallPass. They work with a lot of livery and last-mile companies. Anybody in the service environment who’s making multiple stops, service calls, or otherwise getting in and out of vehicles day-to-day and looking for route optimization functionality, that’s CallPass’s sweet spot.

What’s the ROI?

CallPass is not blazing trails in creating a fleet tracking product. The companies they’re approaching have already been using fleet for quite some time, and they already know their ROI. Instead, CallPass gives them the ability to reassess that ROI, and determine what the live feed is doing, how they can replace a dongle with a camera, and glean the benefits of live visual while still getting everything they were getting before from a fleet platform.

The ROI has been easy because the camera and subscription are cost-effective and replacing an expenditure is, in some cases, reducing costs.

Learn More About Fleet Management IoT Devices

Thank you Jason for helping us educate people on how a smaller company can be in the IoT space and use this technology for their benefit. To talk about your IoT strategy and how to go-to-market, please reach out to Steve Brumer and John Hubler online.

Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you on the next episode!

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