IoT Nuggets | CallPass’ Asset Tracking: LANA Vision Unpacked

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Welcome back to the best show on the internet about the Internet of Things, IoT Nuggets! We’ve got Jason Ashton, President and CEO of CallPass, back for a second visit to discuss asset tracking. He’s here to give us a deeper look into their asset tracking offering, LANA Vision, and how it can be used to monitor freight.

Who is CallPass?

CallPass has been around since 2006, when they started in vehicle finance GPS tracking. In 2014, they brought in a new division specializing in asset tracking, especially trailers, machinery, equipment, containers, and more. Their platform provides companies of any industry the ability to track their high-value assets and glean business intelligence from it. Then, they have the ability to make quick decisions based on real-time information.

Where Did LANA Vision Come From?

Transportation companies were asking for more visibility into their loads. They wanted to better manage the loads during pick-up and delivery, and bridge the gap where there were any inefficiencies.

Working with Xirgo Technologies as the equipment manufacturer, CallPass was able to build a hardware combination that included a camera and sensors. Being solar-powered gives these IoT devices the bandwidth and longevity to take the images that are necessary to provide capacity in real time. In conjunction with the platform, it’s been a breakthrough product for the company and its users.

What’s the Value-Add of Asset Tracking?

The information gathered through LANA Vision is best used for load management. The ability to maximize capacity and space in a trailer is critical for LTL companies. With a camera taking images inside the trailer, and being able to view those images in the platform, you know what to expect when the door is opened. It gives you the ability to make decisions and increase load size and volume. Ultimately, you’ll become more profitable because you’re able to move more freight.

How Quick is the ROI on Asset Tracking?

“It’s the easiest ROI we’ve ever had to prove because we’re not proving the ROI; the customer is doing it for us.” – Jason Ashton, President and CEO of CallPass

When talking about their product, CallPass gets immediate attention and reactions. When demonstrating the power of the platform in combination with the product itself, the customers start spitting out numbers themselves. Then, it doesn’t feel like a sales environment.

The ROI is proven through:

  • Profitability – the ability to increase load capacity, thus making more deliveries throughout the day
  • Theft Prevention – having a still image of the load when it leaves and arrives
  • Minimized Insurance Claims – ensuring a sealed load stays sealed through the entire journey

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