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We’re back with IoT Nuggets from BH IoT Group where we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT). Today we have a special guest, Mr. Jason Ashton from CallPass to discuss his company’s IoT security solutions. He’s here to discuss the value of your cargo and how to make better use of your assets.

Who is CallPass?

Located in Clearwater, Florida, CallPass has been in business for over 15 years. They got started with GPS tracking for vehicle finance and collateral protection. In 2013, the business started to evolve into mobile asset tracking. This allowed them to focus on non-vehicles, meaning non-powered or intermittently-powered assets such as trailers, containers, and heavy machinery. Their goal is to help companies improve business operations, increase utilization, and focus on revenue instead of theft, loss, and recovery. Their customers range across a variety of industries including construction, transportation, scrap and waste, and agriculture. Basically, if you have mobile or high-value assets, CallPass has a solution for you.

IoT Security Solutions: A One Stop Shop

CallPass offers several products including cutting-edge hardware, software, the LANA Vision platform to visualize your assets 24/7/365, air time, OPEX and CAPEX models available for all client opportunities. All of these are bundled together to provide a full-service solution. CallPass makes it as easy as possible for the end-user to install, record the GPS device, and consume the information and data provided through the platforms.

Newest IoT Security Solution: LANA Vision

The trucking industry and the cargo they haul through streets and highways are in high demand, right now. In today’s world, there is a three to one trailer to tractor ratio, meaning there are three cargo trailers for every vehicle that can haul them.

After working in trailer tracking for seven years, it’s become obvious that knowing where you trailer is and how it’s being utilized is very important. With CallPass’s LANA Vision, keeping an eye on these assets is made easier and more efficient. LANA Vision is one of the newest products from CallPass.

LANA Vision is a dual camera that’s connected by a solar panel with a built-in antenna on the outside of the trailer and sensors inside the trailer that are wired to a wireless door sensor. This allows you to know when the door is open and closed, receive immediate images as often as you want, and know the surface volume of your trailer. This helps you avoid moving a 50% full trailer and instead increase efficiency by making better use of your assets.

What’s the ROI?

Everybody wants to make sure they’re buying something of value. Jason says the specific ROI for a customer is highly predicated on their business model and how they’re utilizing their trailers. Customer examples include recouping the cost within the first run, and being able to monetize within the first week.

The ROI calculation remains flexible because it depends on what you’re trying to tighten up. If it’s the load space, you’re going to have a more accurate load volume and know what you can and can’t put in that trailer. If you’re looking at it from an insurance or liability issue, you’ll have documented visual proof of a time stamp when product was loaded into a trailer and what transpired (or didn’t) between Point A and Point B.

Learn More About IoT Security Solutions

That’s a wrap for this episode! Thanks to Jason Ashton of CallPass for joining us this time! Learn more about CallPass by visiting their website and contact them.

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