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It’s time for another exciting episode of IoT Nuggets where we discuss DCS’s incredible IoT solution! This time, our special guest is Chris Bursey, the President and CEO of DCS. Steve is talking to Chris about making restaurants more efficient and giving customers the solutions they need without overwhelming them.

Who is DCS?

DCS is a technical services provider (TSP) that focuses on engaging with their customer to find out what their needs are. DCS then pulls the right pieces together from the IoT ecosystem, whether that’s hardware, platform, connectivity, etc., and gives the complete IoT solution to the customer. This solution fits their needs and allows them to effectively and efficiently run their business.

DCS IoT Solution in Action

With a fleet of vehicles, there are multiple points of data to harvest, including diagnostics, fuel, idling, driver behavior, tire pressure monitoring, and much more. DCS works to gather this data and give it back to the fleet manager to better manage the assets within the fleet. The data is fully viewable under a “Single Pane of Glass” for the customer to see all assets in action.

In the bar and restaurant industry, DCS is developing and designing a wireless beer keg monitoring system. This will monitor beer kegs for ounces poured vs. sold, temperature, CO2 pressure, the shut-off valve for liability reasons and much more. This system can then become the hub to expand and touch additional points of data such as the walk-in refrigerator, HVAC system, compressor, doors, glycol chiller, CO2, and more.

With any project, DCS’s goal is to collect the data, harvest it, and give back to customer in a useable format.

All-In-One IoT Solution

Customers want an all-in-one solution so they can quickly get back to running their business. DCS gives them the ability and flexibility to get what they need and want, which are two different things. DCS gives you what you need for IoT solution, then later down the line, you let them know what you want. The IoT industry is fragmented, meaning there’s many choices for one solution. End-users don’t want to be involved in all that. DCS gives them a solution that does what they need and want so they can use that data to run their business. It’s hard to do that with a cookie-cutter solution since everybody’s needs are different.

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