IoT Nuggets | Episode 2 | IoT is Hard! Our IoT Consulting Company Can Help

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Welcome to Episode 2 of IoT Nuggets! Not sure who we are? Watch Episode 1. We teased a bit of today’s topic on our last episode. We’re talking about the fact that IoT is hard, and any great IoT consulting company knows this. There are a ton of moving parts in IoT that go into bringing an idea to market from end to end. That’s where BH IoT Group comes in. They make the process easier. Here’s how they do it.

IoT Advice for Vendors and Enterprises

BH IoT Group’s clients range from vendors within the ecosystem, to enterprises trying to figure it out. For a vendor, BH IoT Group understands what they have built, what their technology does, and where it fits within the stack. The stack is wide and deep. Whether you’re on the hardware side, software application side, cloud, platform, security, back-end, or EDGE computing, you need to figure out where you fit in the ecosystem and what your go-to-market plan needs to be to see success there.

For enterprises with a problem, BH IoT Group figures out where that problem is being solved, whether that’s hardware, software, cloud, etc.

Don’t Make IoT Go-to-Market Mistakes

Like Doug said, IoT is hard. There are a lot of moving parts. Steve and John of BH IoT Group have over 25 years of experience in the industry so they’ve see it all. They know what not to do, which helps you avoid mistakes. They understand POCs, what it takes to roll something out and fully deploy it, and what your customers are looking for. It’s all about understanding what the customer’s problem is, which is what you’re trying to solve. BH IoT Group can make it a little bit simpler to understand.

Benefits of an IoT Consulting Company

The benefit of working with BH IoT Group is their network. They know who the players are in the IoT space and who does what well. Sure, you can research this on your own and make some calls, but BH IoT group can look at your solution and immediately know who will be able to best provide for you and make that connection. It’s the enterprise version of “You got a guy?”, “Yeah, I got a guy.”

BH IoT: Your IoT Consulting Company

BH IoT Group can help you build a quick and seamless IoT deployment. If you are looking to develop an ecosystem, acquire a platform, or generate a go-to-market plan, please contact us for more information about IoT consulting.

Be sure to join us for Episode 3 where we talk about security in IoT and how it should be a priority and not an afterthought. We’ll see you there!

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