IoT Nuggets | Episode 3 | Security in IoT Should be a Priority, NOT an Afterthought

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Steve Brumer and Douglas Cohen discuss security in IoT and how BH IoT Group can help secure your applications. This week’s topic is, obviously, really important. It’s in the news a lot when it comes to elections, credit card fraud, or anything else around security. When you’re looking at an IoT deployment, security should be a priority, not an afterthought.

Why is Security so Important for an IoT Deployment?

Bad things have happened, so far, and it’s not going to stop. Whether you’re an enterprise or a vendor in the IoT space, you have to figure out what your strategy is going to be around IoT security, and what aspect of the business you want to be part of.

There are many different solutions and answers: the carriers, the network, encryption, 2-step authentication, identity management, device management, and more. These solutions all have their own part in your ability to have secure data flowing from your IoT device all the way through to the back end.

However, with all these solutions and options, there’s also a lot of confusion. Understanding all these pieces and being able to select the ones that will provide a secure link from end to end is our consultative approach. We understand it and are able to dig a little deeper to provide the solutions and help our clients understand what their options are.

Is Each Deployment Different, or is there a Universal Strategy?

It’s universal that IoT and security have to go hand-in-hand, but the differences between consumer electronic products (Ring doorbells and Nest thermostats), enterprise, industrial, and manufacturing facilities, or connected cars all have varying differences in the way you want to handle IoT and security. You have to look at each particular problem you’re solving for your client or vendor client, and be able to figure that part out. As much as IoT is a broad topic, it’s very specific on how you handle it.

BH IoT helps you find the right players for your type of deployment and security protocols, from SIM to the network, to the cloud, to the back-end platform, and the device you’re using. Connect with us for more information about IoT consulting.

And don’t forget to check out our next episode where we discuss the complete stack in IoT.

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