IoT Nuggets | Episode 4 | The Complete IoT Consulting Stack – Device, Application, Connectivity, Platform

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Welcome to Episode 4 of BH IoT Nuggets! In the last episode, we talked about security. Today, we’re going to talk about the complete IoT consulting stack: device, application, connectivity, and platform. These elements of an IoT deployment are fragmented and have many moving parts, which we talked about in Episode 2. Working with an IoT consulting firm makes the deployment process a little easier.


Benefit of IoT Consulting Help

With the past 25 years of experience, Steve and John have been involved with customers and clients that had various degrees of experience in each part of the stack. Through these experiences, BH IoT Group is now well-equipped to help end-users, corporate accounts, channel partners, or others within the ecosystem with the various pieces of the stack. They have had clients and interactions from sensors, to modems, to modules, to cloud, to EDGE computing boxes, to platforms, connectivity, and anything else you can imagine.

It’s not easy, but BH IoT Group has the experience to put it all together, provide knowledge, and advise on what not to do to avoid delays and bottlenecking.


A Project Manager for IoT Deployment

Traditionally, you could consider BH IoT Group to be a project manager for your IoT deployment. However, it’s important to note that they are not a systems integrator. They do not build or create any hardware, software, or platforms. Instead, they offer IoT consutling; they use existing pieces to ensure the end user is the one who benefits from the IoT solution being created.


The Great IoT Consulting Bake-Off

To find the solutions that are right for your IoT project, BH IoT Group will often connect will multiple providers to find the right fit. For example, they may put four platform providers together and have a “bake-off” to determine which is going to be the best solution for their client. This can also be replicated for hardware, devices, and air-time services.


Stay Connected with IoT Consulting

For more great information on IoT consulting and other topics, be sure to follow our IoT Nuggets videos on YouTube. If you’re interested in working with BH IoT, please contact us. We’ll see you in the next episode where we talk about living on the EDGE!

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