IoT Nuggets | Episode 6 | IoT Security Solutions: Private LTE

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In our last episode, we talked about EDGE computing. Today, we’re discussing IoT security solutions with Private LTE (PLTE) . You can deploy PLTE in a way to use LTE without technical issues between the bands.

It’s just one of the benefits of PLTE and is becoming very popular. PLTE is definitely a hot subject that’s being spoken about on a weekly basis from a variety of different places. BH IoT is currently with a few airports, venues, and small communities about the use of Private LTE.

What is Private LTE?

Private LTE is a way to highly secure your data via your IoT solution or product. It usually includes the ability for you to switch from Private LTE to Public LTE within the management software. The time is right for people to seriously consider it because of the security aspects of it in your city, venue, or airport.

Private vs. Public IoT Security Solutions

Private LTE helps you from a security standpoint, but it also helps you reserve a certain amount of bandwidth so you have capacity on the frequency you’re using. For example, when you visit a stadium on game day with 110,000 people, you may see that your phone says you have a perfect signal, but you can’t get any data to go through. If the stadium has a Private LTE network, you can get real-time feeds from the field or watch replays, while still using the Public LTE to send text messages.

As the owner of the PLTE network, you still need to consider the throughput, bandwidth, and uses, but it’s highly secure, private, and you have the controls over it.

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