IoT Nuggets | Goin’ Mobile: The Power of PTT with Monitoring IoT Devices

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Kevin McCoy and Jim Fischer of Goin’ Mobile join us today to discuss monitoring IoT devices with their powerful PTT (push-to-talk) solution.

Monitoring IoT Devices

The professionals at Goin’ Mobile, LLC have been in the wireless communications industry for over 30 years. They have helped hundreds of organizations from Public Safety, Education, Construction, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Security and Service Industries, to name just a few, improve safety, productivity and profitability with custom communications solutions. Our primary focus is on implementation of two-way radio systems, GPS Tracking and video surveillance technologies. Our USA-PTT push-to-talk over cellular offering combines instant nationwide voice communications with GPS tracking in a low-cost, easy to implement solution. These 21st century two-way radios leverage the nearly ubiquitous coverage and zero downtime of the AT&T 4G/LTE Data network, along with free dispatch software and smartphone Apps to connect mobile workers wherever they are. No FCC licenses or expensive infrastructure is required, meaning significant savings to our customers. For more information, please visit the USA-PTT website.

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