IoT Nuggets | IoT Evolution Conference & Expo w/ Carl Ford

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Another episode of IoT Nuggets is here! This time, Doug and Steve are talking with Carl Ford from the IoT Evolution Expo. They’re discussing the upcoming event and how they made it happen this year, in spite of COVID-19.

IoT Evolution Expo

COVID Safety Protocols to Expect

Previously hosted in Fort Lauderdale, this year the IoT Evolution Expo is happening in Miami Beach. If you’re planning to attend the event, expect to answer some pre-screening questions when you register and have your temperature checked when you arrive at the venue. Inside the Expo, booths will be spaced out more than in previous years so attendees can socially distance.

As Ford says “If you’ve managed to get here, you’re probably in pretty good shape. People traveling are going to have to go through the airport experience. People who are in Florida are mostly inoculated, so we’re doing pretty well.”

Discussions and Tracks

If you’ve been to IoT Evolution Expo in the past, you’ll see that this year’s event looks much the same as it always has. Tracks include: 5G, Edge Intelligence, IKIN Workshop, Industrial IoT, IoT Evolution, IoT in the Channel, IoT Use Cases, IoToolbox, Keynotes, and Solutions: Smarter.

Eric Berger, the CTO of STC, will be there to discuss managing spectrum technology and where it’s heading, and NimbleLink will talk about asset tracking. The City of Miami is participating in the Smart City section of the Expo.

The biggest story is that the industrial industry is driving a lot of the IoT innovations. It’s all about how you get things into the digitally transformed/digital twin source of information.

Who Should Attend the Expo?

This is the first face-to-face event post-COVID being held for the IoT community. Although anyone who works in IoT is welcome to join, those who want to be digitally transformed or learn how to manage the future will be especially interested. Vendors, resellers, and channel people will be excited to meet people, see the new technology, discuss it, and make deals happen.

We hope you’re looking forward to IoT Evolution Expo as much as we are! Please contact us to let us know what you’re more excited to learn about, or schedule to time to meet with Steve at the event!

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