IoT Nuggets | IoT Technologies at the IoT Evolution Expo 2021 – Day 1

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It’s another special edition of IoT Nuggets! This time, Steve is on location in Miami, Florida, for the IoT Evolution Expo learning about and discussing the newest IoT technologies!

(If you saw the previous video about the Telarus event in Phoenix, which is worse: 117 degrees and dry, or 90 degrees and humid?)

A Great Line-Up of IoT Technologies

Thousands of people are expected to attend this three day event and take part in a jam-packed schedule of unbelievable sessions with great speakers. On Day 2, Steve will be moderating the morning’s keynote speeches as well as three sessions in the afternoon. Day 3 has another two sessions with Steve. Many thanks to TMC, Carl Ford, and the team at IoT Evolution for being able to pull off this fantastic event.

At the Expo? Let’s Talk IoT Technologies!

The BH IoT Group is ready to do a lot of work and a lot of networking! They’re excited to see old friends in the industry and new faces they’ve yet to meet in-person.

If you’re also at the event, please look up Steve and John and come talk! Whether you’re a vendor or supplier looking for help bringing a product to market, or an enterprise trying to figure out how to run a project from an independent standpoint, stop by for a visit!

There’s a lot of things going on that BH IoT Group can help you with, and they have a lot of friends in the industry that can participate in your project.

(Pro Tip: Steve is especially easy to find since he’s moderating keynotes speeches and several sessions.)

Can’t Make It or Just Missed Us?

If you can’t make it to this IoT technologies and services event, or missed a chance to talk with John or Steve, connect with them online to start the conversation.

Don’t miss our next episode where we learn more about Day 3 of the IoT Evolution Expo!

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