IoT Nuggets | More on IoT Technologies at IoT Evolution Expo 2021 Day 3

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We’ve got another update from Steve at the IoT Evolution Expo in Miami! He wants to share how the week has been going, what topics are being discussed, and what big news has been announced in regards to IoT technologies and services. Plus, he’s been able to meet up with some of our previous IoT Nuggets guests!

Showcasing IoT Technologies & Services

Every year, Steve moderates the opening keynote address. This year, it showcased four IoT Analysts. As much as Steve tries to take it easy on them, he asked some serious questions about security, 5G, specific vertical market segment, and the monetization of IoT. The keynote was well-received because it allows analysts to have a platform to talk about their programs and what they’re doing.

IoT Technology Vendors

It was great to share the experience with some of our clients. Myriota joined us via satellite to announce their entrance into the US Markets. We also had Jason Ashton from CallPass on a panel. Two of our clients, CallPass and Ready Wireless, both received a Product of the Year award. John and Steve are extremely proud of these achievements.

Spent a lot of time with SOMOS on some of the things that they’re doing.

Meetings About IoT Technologies

One of the best parts about IoT conferences is getting to meet with other industry leaders and discuss what’s going on with each of them. Throughout three great meetings with partners, BH IoT Group has been able to show how successful they are and how successful their clients can be. It’s exciting to see our clients here, with happy faces, and speaking with potential new ones.

If you didn’t get a chance to meet with us at the Expo, please reach out online to schedule some time to chat! We would love to hear about your IoT solution and discuss how we can help you bring it to market.

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