IoT Nuggets | IoT Marketing: Challenges of Traditional IoT Marketing Strategies for IoT Companies (Part 1)

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We’re back with another episode of IoT Nuggets! Today, Doug and Steve are joined by Tiffani Neilson from IoT Marketing. She’s here to share her views on what’s going on in the IoT strategies space and how companies can manage the changing times of traditional marketing and how to get the message out about IoT technology.

Who is IoT Marketing?

Tiffani Neilson is the CMO of IoT Marketing, an integrated marketing firm specializing in launching and fueling the growth of high-tech and IoT companies with end-to-end marketing services as well as PR and production services. Her team looks at things from a customer-centric point of view because at the end of the day it’s all about them, since they’re the ones buying the product. IoT Marketing dives deep into understanding the IoT technology itself, as well as the entire solution. They work to understand who it’s adding value for, and how to deliver the right message to the right client.

Does the Audience Really Matter?

If you have a client that’s an IoT vendor or providing a hardware or software IoT solution, one of the first questions to ask is “Who is the end customer?” With so many B2B companies in the industry, there are even more end-users. You have to consider if the other business is the end-user, or if it’s who they’re selling to. The more IoT technology providers can understand who’s going to benefit the most, the better and more effective their marketing strategy is going to be.

Top 2 Challenges in IoT Strategies for Marketing

Traditional marketing takes longer to implement and doesn’t provide the right ROI to give you the most data-driven results, especially when budgets are tight and everyone wants to make every penny count. You can’t really tell the effectiveness of traditional means of marketing such as radio, print, and TV. Digital marketing strategies and online initiatives give you better visibility of who’s watching your videos or reading your content and taking action on your messages.

Tradeshows generate a lot of leads and are a huge branch of an IoT company’s marketing strategy. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, a vast majority of these shows are not happening as usual. Instead, many people are using webinars to keep people connected. IoT marketing is all about your network and building relationships. Anything you can do to help hold the IoT ecosystem together is great because without it, there would be no industry.

Get Help with IoT Strategies

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