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On this episode of IoT Nuggets, we have another guest! Today, Steve and Doug are joined by Tom Rayner of Myriota to discuss how Myriota is revolutionizing the IoT technology industry.

What Does Myriota IoT Technology Do?

Based in Australia, Myriota was born out of a research and development project several years ago. During this project they developed a connectivity service which uses a constellation of low-earth orbit nanosatellites (satellites that are about as big as a loaf of bread). These satellites enable people who make IoT devices to connect those devices to the satellites from any location on Earth. The best part is that this comes with an extremely low cost and uses minimal power.

Interesting Use Cases

This cutting-edge IoT technology is being used in a range of industries around the world.

In agriculture, people want to know if there is water in their tanks for their livestock. To find out, they can take a small transmitter and integrate it into their device of choice, which will then send data into a satellite. This is much more convenient than driving hundreds of miles to check that their livestock have water for the day.

There are many other applications in agriculture, as well as environmental monitoring and utilities metering and monitoring. Remote locations in Australia, South America, and the US that don’t have easy access to terrestrial communications infrastructure can use these transmitters to find the condition of the water or asset and what the weather is like.

BH IoT Partners with Myriota IoT Technology

Myriota is looking to expand their business into North America and have chosen to partner with BH IoT Group to aid that expansion.

Myriota has been able to launch their service in the U.S. over the last month. They are excited about the deployments that will happen, but also the ability of IoT solutions providers and developers to export their own solutions throughout the globe.

Myriota called on BH IoT Group to get in touch with as many IoT developers and system integrators as possible. They will take Myriota’s transmitter along with a developer starter kit and then integrate it with their device to have a global remote IoT solution.

To learn more about what Myriota is doing, please contact them.

If you’re looking to add their technology to your IoT solution, connect with Steve or John.

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