IoT Nuggets | Oxit IoT Services- Building, Designing & Engineering LoRaWAN/Helium Products (Part 2)

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Welcome back to IoT Nuggets! Steve is back in the Oxit lab with Josh Cox and Ashley Pope of Oxit for the second part of their discussion on IoT services regarding the LoRaWAN network and Helium.

Why are Oxit’s IoT Services Special?

Oxit is an IoT engineering services company that is involved with the complete stack of an IoT deployment. They do a little bit of everything from hardware and firmware development to cloud and building apps. This broad field of expertise enables them to provide a comprehensive approach to any IoT solution or deployment. What makes Oxit special is that they’ve been doing IoT since Day One. They love bringing solutions to market and helping their clients be successful. They get clients out the door, on the shelf, and make IoT work.

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