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Welcome to our next episode of IoT Nuggets! Today, we are joined by one of the great IoT service providers. We have Josh Cox, President of Oxit chatting with us today about his view of the IoT world and how his team helps clients.

IoT Service Providers: Who is Oxit?

Oxit is an IoT engineering services company that is involved with the complete stack of an IoT deployment. They do a little bit of everything from hardware and firmware development to cloud and building apps. This broad field of expertise enables them to provide a comprehensive approach to any IoT solution or deployment. What makes Oxit special is that they’ve been doing IoT since Day One. They love bringing solutions to market and helping their clients be successful. They get clients out the door, on the shelf, and make IoT work.

How Much Do Clients Know About IoT?

From Josh’s point of view, how much his clients know before working together has shifted over time. Today, it’s more common that companies recognize that they need external help for an IoT deployment. If they want to move quickly, it will take more internal efficiencies and decreasing bureaucracies plus added technical talent. Companies are more frequently trying to leverage external partners to get their IoT solution out the door faster.

The Biggest Challenges IoT Service Providers Help Their Clients With

Many clients who come to Oxit have been sitting dormant for a while, watching IoT slip by. Now, they’re diving in and attacking it very aggressively. Their challenge has become getting hardware out the door and doing it quickly. In many cases, it’s the client’s first time with anything IoT. Mechanical-oriented companies are now adding complexity to their product offerings, and they’re not accustomed to what it’s like to build a connected product and everything that goes along with it.

Education vs. Sales

Most clients have a general understanding of where they want to get to, but the path to that and all the options to get there can be a little infuriating and hard to consume. There are many ways to do it wrong and you may try going to market multiple times. Oxit aims to educate clients to build confidence and comfort that the path Oxit is suggesting is the right path, and explain why the other paths did not work.

Josh loves this advice from financial expert Dave Ramsey: “When you walk away from an advisor, you should feel educated, not sold to.” Josh has adopted this mentality as his process. When he recommends a specific technology or option to his clients, he backs it up by explaining why it’s the right choice for them.

IoT Service Providers: Learn More

Many thanks to Josh Cox from Oxit for joining us today on IoT Nuggets! We love working with their team and fully endorse them. If you’d like to learn more about them, please visit

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