IoT Nuggets | Ready Wireless’ IoT Solution: Propane Tank Monitoring

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Welcome to another episode of IoT Nuggets! Joining us today is a special guest from Ready Wireless, Gary Kreutner. He’s the Head of Service Solutions and he’s here to talk about tank monitoring, a remarkable IoT solution.

Who is Ready Wireless?

The company started 15 years ago in the MVNO world doing retail prepaid handsets, then they moved into fleet asset tracking. In the last year, they’ve launched Ready Asset Pro and already have 150 solutions built including cellular and LORA, across 4,500 IoT devices that are ready to deploy.

Tank Monitoring IoT Solution

Ready Wireless has embedded themselves into the propane industry to understand the distribution, terminologies, what customers are looking for, and various types of equipment used. This knowledge has enabled them to put a lot of thought into their tank monitoring IoT solution.

It starts with a simple cellular or LORA device that screws or snaps on to the tank with the existing gauge. It takes just 3-5 minutes to attach, and can be done by anyone. The ability to self-install the monitor ends up saving the customer a lot of money. Simply follow the prompts through the iOS or Android app and you’re good to go!

This sets up a Saas/PaaS model to monitor all your tanks in one platform and get specific information to help optimize your fleet. With trucks costing $250,000, and every mile costing $4 or more to deliver gas, anytime you can optimize your route, it’s a great benefit.

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