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It’s time for another episode of IoT Nuggets! This time, we have a special guest on our show: Ben Muhlenbruch from the IoT technology company, Ready Wireless.

Who Is Ready Wireless?

Ready Wireless started business 15 years ago as an MVNO and has transitioned to IoT technology over time. In today’s COVID-19 world, they are using this technology to help businesses keep their doors open and run more smoothly and efficiently.

What is Contact Tracing?

As we approach a post-COVID world, the term “contact tracing” is being used more, but many people don’t fully understand what that means. This is a strategy used by businesses and the government for preventing further spread of Coronavirus. After a person is confirmed to have the virus, their contacts can be traced to determine who may have transmitted the virus, and who else might be at risk for contracting it.

Why is Contact Tracing Important?

Contact tracing is one of the biggest items we need in order to get back to work, but it’s not the only need. Businesses should also develop a framework for returning to the office, just as they did for working from home.

How Does Contact Tracing Work?

Ready Wireless has developed a badge that can be worn on a lanyard around the next, or a retractable badge holder on the hip. It makes a beeping sound to alert you when you’ve gotten too close to another person. Then, if an employee or contractor who visited the office is confirmed to have COVID-19 and needs to self-isolate, the badge data can quickly determine who the infected individual was in contact with so those people can get tested and self-isolate as well.

Is My Data Secure with IoT Technology?

Keeping your personal information secure is one of the biggest concerns in the IoT space. To prevent hackers from accessing your data, the badge is not connected to your image or name. Instead, you are identified by your badge number which is stored in your organization’s HR system. Since this is a system that few people have access to, it keeps your health and personal information secure.

What’s the IoT Technology Within the Badge?

For the tech-minded folks, the badge includes LoRaWAN and Bluetooth. Beacons are placed throughout the building which send the data out over LoRaWAN and then back to the system. The business is also home to a LoRaWAN -LTE Backhaul router so it does not need to use Wi-Fi, therefore reducing the chance of a security risk.

Stay Connected with IoT Technology

If you’d like to get in touch with our friends at Ready Wireless, contact the team at BH IoT Group a call to discuss what is needed to make your IoT business unit successful. This meeting can be used to pick our brains about the best go-to-market plan for your IoT products or services.

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