IoT Nuggets | SensLynx: The Power of a POTS Upgrade IoT Solution

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Tom Maguire, Co-Founder, COO and CMO of SensLynx joins us today to discuss POTS Upgrades. Since 2016, SensLynx has provided a wireless IoT solution with an emphasis in modernizing connectivity, monitoring, collecting data, tracking fleets of vehicles and assets, and POTS line replacement for all types of businesses nationwide.

An IoT Solution for You

SensLynx’s wireless technology-based solutions automate monitoring, receiving alerts and providing reports for environmental conditions, employee safety, replacing POTS lines, fleets and manufacturing and agricultural equipment in several verticals such as healthcare, hospitality, vineyards, transportation, and food services. We offer the complete solution, taking the guesswork out of how businesses can leverage the benefits of IoT.

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