IoT Nuggets | SIM Management & Why You Shouldn’t Build a Platform to Handle It!

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Steve and Doug are back with another episode of IoT Nuggets! This time, they’re talking about SIM management and how complex it can be, if you don’t have the right partners.

How It All Started

When Steve and John first started in the M2M business, Jasper was the only provider of SIM management. They hit it out of the park and then they were acquired by Cisco. This opened the door for other companies to start SIM management capabilities. Now, there are so many SIMs communicating with the internet and network, and everything is going wireless. There’s a lot going on.

Why Do We Need SIM Management?

SIM management is extremely important in everything we do. There are billions of SIMs in the IoT space and somehow, they need to be managed. The data usage and the usability of a device is all controlled by a SIM. Controlling the SIM through some kind of platform is absolutely critical.

Proven companies, such as Simetric, IoTM, Telenor, and Elastic M2M, have really great platforms that are usable by almost everybody. They also control how much data you’ve used versus how much is left in your data plan.

SIM Management in the News

Apple has expressed interest in making cars. With cars going wireless and all of them being connected, they’re kind of like giant computers on wheels. In connected vehicles, the amount of data that’s going through the 5G enabled car is huge. The SIMs involved inside that connected car have to be controlled by someone because someone else is paying for that airtime and data.

The supply chain is also seeing massive change. Recent events such as the container ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal and the Coronavirus pandemic have caused major disruptions. As a manufacturer, you want to know where those disruptions are happening along the supply chain and be able to track your assets. Especially in healthcare, tracking the location of vaccines, needles, syringes, and their use is a huge opportunity for fighting Coronavirus. All this tracking is being done with SIM management capabilities on cellular networks.

API Management is difficult, but when you partner with companies that have a proven track record, it enables your business for success. Contact BH IoT Group to learn more about how they can help you.

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