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Welcome to another episode of IoT Nuggets! Today, Doug and Steve are joined by TWO special guests! We have Kevin Bandy, Chief Strategy Officer, and Allen Boone, CEO, both from Simetric! They’re here to talk about the really interesting things they’re doing with IoT device monitoring, including usage profiles for all devices, globally, under a single pane of glass.

Who is Simetric?

Simetric is a leading provider in SIM management through IoT device monitoring.

When companies are doing IoT deployments using the cellular network, it’s difficult to use just one carrier. All the carriers have created self-service portals to operate and manage your own environment. But when you have 5, 6, 7, 8+ carriers, it’s really unwieldy.

Simetric brings it all together into a single way of operating and engaging. It turns a world of good data into something that’s very actionable.

Who Needs Simetric’s IoT Device Monitoring?

Simetric has customers coming to them from direct enterprise, carriers, and channel partners because they’re probably the most horizontal platform available. When Kevin and Allen set out to pursue this opportunity, their goal was to unify visibility. Without this, it’s hard to progress to the EDGE.

An IoT Device Monitoring Platform

All the carriers have different ways of managing their SIMs through their platforms. Simetric brings all those things together. When they’re together you can do things like write business rules and business logic that cross all the different carrier platforms at once. This can be as simple as finding a device that starts roaming which has never roamed before, to something as complex as putting things in the appropriate rate plans to ensure you get the best call structure.

The Future of IoT Device Monitoring

The greatest opportunity is EDGE first. It’s the most material-trapped opportunity in business today. Cloud-first and application-first have been talked about for quite some time. However, by jumping to cloud, we’ve jumped over all those trapped devices that are running at the EDGE, such as SIM-enabled routers that are running through 5 billion devices that are sitting out there today with no standard. What we’re seeing is the consultancy coming back and realizing that cloud-first is not the opportunity but EDGE-first. Unified ubiquitous global management in a single pane brings all those devices into play.

5G is not another connectivity strategy. It’s going to be where you’ll move that compute towards the EDGE. We are talking heavily about EDGE-first because of migration and managing the migration of your install base to the promise land of 5G.

The MSP relationship is becoming more important. People can not only manage the connectivity but also the EDGE device replacement, strategies on supply chain, helping customers determine where how and when to migrate, and how those all work together.

Learn More About IoT Device Monitoring

Thanks for joining us for another episode of IoT Nuggets about IoT device monitoring! Reach out to Simetric on their website and their team will find you. Be sure to mention you found them through IoT Nuggets!

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