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Hello! And welcome to another episode of IoT Nuggets! Today we have a special guest, Sri Ramachandran from Somos. He’s here to share his thoughts on the future of IoT security.

Somos is a trusted enabler of connections between communities, consumers, and brands. They work with numbering and identity solutions for the telecommunications ecosystem. They support 1,400 service providers and manage over 1.8 billion identities.

Fragmentation in IoT Security

IoT security has been a problem for a long time and still isn’t solved. There are many solutions being adopted, including fragmented point solutions. IoT security is a hard problem to solve, which is the reason for the fragmentation. If we look at the different required modalities, such as connectivity types, they all have their own idiosyncrasies in how you secure those connections.

The biggest problem companies face is that the IT department doesn’t have the skill set to understand a device, network connectivity piece, platform piece, or data management and how to put it all together to create a holistic security solution.

It’s challenging to find a skill set that goes across all of those pieces, and you can’t find enough solutions that actually span all of those, which is what leads to fragmentation.

How to Change the Model within the Industry

The lifecycle of a device is fairly complex. As the device goes through its lifecycle journey, it crosses administrative boundaries. We also have to consider that once an IoT device is connected to an asset, it crosses internal boundaries. So, how do you know what’s happening to those devices and what the security is?

Somos has taken an approach from the highest level to look at the device lifecycle and identify how it moves through all of those stages and focus purely on the identity or set of identities of the device and see how they can solve this problem from a IoT security angle.

Ultimately, this may be a facet of the overall security solution, and it’s not meant to be comprehensive, but it definitely exposes issues that an enterprise would really find valuable.

Learn more about what Somos is doing with IoT device lifecycle management and IoT security by visiting their website.

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