IoT Nuggets | IoT Strategies: Steve is Live from the Telarus Event in Phoenix!

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Welcome to this special edition of IoT Nuggets! For this episode, Steve is on the road at an IoT conference in Phoenix, Arizona strengthening his knowledge on the newest IoT strategies.

Learning the Latest IoT Strategies

It’s very exciting to be back at in-person events, even when it’s 117 degrees Fahrenheit outside (do the IoT heat sensors even go up that high?). Steve was invited by Telarus, one of the largest national master dealers in the US for telecom and wireless services. He’s very happy to be live in Phoenix, Arizona, for the first face-to-face event in over 18 months and it feels fantastic to be getting back to normal.

What’s Happening at the Telarus?

During IoT Academy Day, guest speakers are teaching the 50-60 partners in the room about IoT. Every attendee is either an agent, reseller, VAR, or integrator learning how to make money in IoT. They’re learning the good parts, the bad parts, and what they should be looking for.

Steve met suppliers and vendors and helping them figure out where the money is in a short period of time, what the ROIs look like, and more.

Steve says he’s very proud to be part of this group of IoT professionals. As one of the guest featured speakers, he is now being called the Godfather of IoT from the attendees due to his many years of experience in the industry. However, that just means he has the most sage wisdom and knowledge.

In fact, a video was shared where a man says he invented the phrase “internet of things” in 1999. Steve was able to debunk this myth by sharing that, at the time, it was called Machine to Machine (M2M) and before that, “telemetry” was the buzzword.

What’s Up Next for IoT Strategies?

This is not the only show that Steve and John will be at this year. In fact, about a dozen people at IoT Academy will also be at IoT Evolution Expo next week in Miami Beach, including Steve and John.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to make money in IoT, or need some help with your IoT strategies for the go-to-market, get in contact with Steve or John of BH IoT Group.

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