IoT Nuggets | IoT Systems Integration Isn’t A Cake Walk!

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Here it is! Another episode of IoT Nuggets with Doug Cohen and Steve Brumer where IoT systems integration is the focus!

Some elements of an IoT deployment are easy such as:

·         Designing your product to talk to a platform

·         Designing your idea into a product

·         Bringing the idea to a product to a platform to the IoT world

And yet, companies struggle with IoT systems integration quite a bit.

Why is IoT Systems Integration so Hard?

It takes a unique capability to become a true systems integrator in the IoT space. There are many moving parts that make up an entire end-to-end solution which solves a customer’s problem. Hardware, software, platforms, air time, EDGE computing devices, and sensors all need to be put together to deploy the solution. It’s hard to manage it all and integrate those pieces so the customer gets what they want to solve their problem.

Let’s Talk About Profitability

There are many ways to make money as a systems integrator.

·         Hardware margin

·         Software

·         Reselling licenses

·         Air time

·         Recurring revenue

·         Ongoing support services after deployment

An MSP type of program where ITs, VARs, and System Integrators are used to that kind of model, you’re still getting that on the IoT side.

How Does BH IoT Group Connect?

BH IoT Group is not a systems integrator, but they know who the systems integrators are, and they can help companies become systems integrators.

New organizations in the IoT space are realizing that they need to take more control over the entire integration piece for a particular customer.

Mature companies don’t believe they can be successful becoming a systems integrator and ask for help identifying what they’re missing, improving their messaging, setting the right price, and getting customers to believe that they are the single company to rely on.

Contact Steve or John to find out how they can help you with systems integration and don’t forget to tune in for our next episode!

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