IoT Nuggets | IoT Business Solutions: Telenor Positions Their Connectivity Across 190 Countries

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We are back for another episode of IoT Nuggets! Doug and Steve are joined by Johan Larsson from Telenor, an IoT business solutions company He’s here to tell us more about what they’re doing in the US and across the globe.

Who is Telenor?

Telenor Connexion is the IoT branch of Telenor Group, the sixth largest mobile network operator in the world. Telenor Connexion harnesses the power of Telenor Group and packages it into an IoT service that’s been very successful for customers.

Why  Work with Telenor?

At the heart of Telenor’s offering is a simplicity for a global reach. The Telenor SIM offers access to 500 countries and 200 networks, supported by a single provider and a single operation for Telenor. Anyone who wants to go-to-market globally will find a strong partner in Telenor.

At the same time, the wide network portfolio provides redundancy on a national level. You have access to all the local networks from a single SIM that provides stability on the radio side, instead of being tied to a single network. This is beneficial for coverage and up-time.

Telenor’s IoT Business Solutions in North America

Many companies enter the U.S. market with just one person to represent them. This can make support highly challenging. Telenor has overcome this by placing dedicated account managers at a national and local level as their “boots on the ground” to support North and South American customers with quality resources. Customer service comes from a service operation center in Sweden staffed by English-speaking network engineers.

Who Needs IoT Business Solutions?

Since Telenor provides a simple yet global IoT service, they can work with channel partners, solution providers, end users, and enterprise audiences. In the US, they often co-exist as the international supplier with the domestic national MNO or they’re coming in as the support for a national deployment.

If you’re looking for global IoT business solutions with national capability, reach out to Telenor Connexion. To get connected with BH IoT Group’s wide network of IoT solution providers, please contact us. Thank you for tuning in to IoT Nuggets! We’ll see you next time!

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