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Welcome to another episode of IoT Nuggets with BH IoT Group! Today we are joined by a special guest, Mr. Ralph Heredia, the co-founder and VP of business development at Zipit Wireless. They’re on the forefront of IoT go-to-market strategy and other things going on in the space.

Who is Zipit Wireless?

Zipit Wireless is a multi-carrier connectivity and billing services platform for IoT solution providers. They help product companies, like OEMs, that are offering connectivity from the world’s leading cellular providers. Zipit provides them a platform with a single pane of glass to manage every one of the connections for all of the devices across every carrier. The platform also offers a white-label OEM-branded billing as a service offering that allows them to monetize the solutions, pay for the services, and even grown their revenue.

Their clients love the connectivity to the world’s leading carriers and having the best coverage in the world. Zipit has negotiated great arrangements with the carriers that allows them to provide the connectivity to OEMs so they don’t have to do it themselves. The platform allows them to manage those connections and deployments, and help monetize them.

The challenge for these companies isn’t buying the service from the carriers but rather what they do with it. Specifically, how they manage it and don’t get underwater right away. Zipit helps those fundamental pain points in IoT services.

How Does the Zipit Wireless Work?

If you think of hardware or IoT solutions providers, like cameras and GPS trackers, they know how to handle the supply chain aspect: design, manufacture, go-to-market, selling. The biggest challenge they have is when they’re trying to manage the connectivity and immediately end up underwater. Or, dealing with disparate usage patterns and building an affordable plan to be able to handle significantly different data consumption between similar IoT products.

The Zipit platform enables connectivity for those IoT devices and allows the OEMs to manage the subscription services to their customers. That way, they can offer a unique price plan for camera usage based on the data being consumed and the value being offered. The platform allows for this monetization while Zipit handles the billing on behalf of the OEM, tax collection, collects revenue, and subtracts fees. The company that knows hardware now has a recurring revenue service, handled by Zipit, so they can continue to do what they’ve been doing for years.

What is 3PL and How Does it Benefit Customers?

When an organization uses a third-party business to delegate some aspects of their supply chain, it’s called third-party logistics, or 3PL. It’s essentially optimizing the supply chain, which is something that many companies are trying to do with the current disruptions.

Working with Zipit allows these organizations to have the best carriers in each region for connectivity around the world. This reduces the number of carrier aggregations and agreements that organizations need to put into place.

Zipit helps OEM push that value proposition down to their end-user. As the end user increases their data needs, Zipit’s IoT platform automatically manages that on behalf of the OEM. The OEM then doesn’t have to worry about having an internal operations team to manage data for the devices that are being used in different usage patterns.

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Many thanks to Ralph for sharing that fantastic information! If you’d like to stay updated on what’s new with Zipit Wireless or want to get started on your deployment, please contact us. We’ll see you next time.

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