Smart IoT Services and Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has a lot of moving parts. Keeping track of it all can be overwhelming. Thankfully, IoT services and solutions can help. Through a variety of devices and sensors, you can keep an eye on everything that goes on around the clock. This information can be gathered and analyzed to help you improve operations. From making the workplace to safer, to increasing efficiencies, IoT services can change the way you run and oversee your business.


Device and Asset Management to the Sim Level

Monitoring the success of a manufacturing plant means monitoring the performance and process of every machine and person correctly. Whether that gives control to the people on the floor, or by utilizing a dashboard to monitor the data, you can identify areas for improvement then act on what is needed to correct and implement those solutions successfully. You’ll be able to streamline your process by identifying areas of lag throughout the facility and eliminating them. This enables your staff to be more efficient in the same amount of time, which increases profits to your bottom line.

Successfully implementing IoT and making the best use of the data it collects is difficult. BH IoT Group has the experience to make it easy for you. We’ve worked and designed with connected manufacturing companies to eliminate or modify the downtimes of their equipment by implementing sensor management throughout the facility. Having us on your side is a whole new kind of business partnership that you’re going to love.


Asset Management for Supply Chain

Asset management is measured by performance that is captured by a sensors and a sensor management implementation. This information is then visualized in an easily accessible dashboard to clearly show and define KPIs in a factory environment.

For every piece of equipment used, Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance are critical aspects to be aware of. They let you know how hard your equipment is working and when it’s time for preventative maintenance or replacement. Being able to schedule maintenance during off-hours or when another piece of equipment is available, means you can avoid lack of production or having to shut down while it’s fixed. This insight helps you keep your factory and manufacturing floors operating at key levels with minimal downtime. Your bottom line will thank you.

Simply collecting data isn’t very helpful. You also need to be able to understand what the information is telling you. EDGE Computing and AI are the critical components you need to be successful with sensor and asset management. They help you analyze the data so you can make better business decisions more quickly.


Comprehensive IoT Services and Solutions for Manufacturers

Keeping your factory running smoothly creates a safer environment for your employees, a more efficient workflow, and increased profits. If you’re interested in bringing the power of IoT services and solutions into your manufacturing facility, please contact us at BH IoT Group. We can assess your current IoT situation, if any, and make recommendations for implementing a solution or modifying an existing system for greater insight.

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