Steve Brumer Wins IoT Influencer of the Year Award

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Steve Brumer has been recognized as an IoT influencer of the year. He recently co-hosted the Spotlight Showcase and Industry Insights IoT Solutions Awards with Tiffani Neilson of IoT Marketing LLC. The first annual IoT services event was held virtually on December 10, 2020, and recognizes various leaders in the IoT solutions industry and technology community. They also discussed the changes to the IoT solutions industry over the past year, where we are now, and speculated about what’s to come in 2021. Hear Steve and Tiffani’s insights by watching the video below, or read a summary of the event.

IoT Services: What’s Changed in the Last Year

Trade shows have long been the primary networking event for IoT solutions professionals. In 2020, those shows have had to go virtual or be cancelled altogether. Instead of running business as usual, we have had to shelter in place. The 24/7 delivery that we are used to has shown us some supply chain disruptions and turned globalization into deglobalization. This has led our thriving economy into a state of volatility.

The Current State of the IoT Solutions Industry

It continues to be a fantastic year in spite of all the challenges our world has had. IoT continues to grow and has proven itself to be recession-proof. So many innovative companies have come out with some great COVID-related IoT products and service offerings. It still continues to be an outstanding, amazing industry to be a part of. This year was great, but in 2021, it’s still going to be a booming industry and a great place to be and continue to make money.

The Idea Behind the Industry Insights IoT Awards

IoT Solutions Marketing started as end-to-end marketing services for trade shows in the tech industry. Without trades hows to attend this year, they pivoted to webinars and have created a monthly series that provides a high-level overview of each industry, what’s going on, the objectives, challenges, and IoT technologies being used, and forward-looking thoughts. The goal is to make sure everyone has the right tools they need to see success and that people who have been resilient and persisted through the year’s challenges are recognized for their efforts.

The IoT Influencer of the Year

This distinction is awarded to an IoT solutions ecosystem professional who has displayed superb leadership in the past year. This individual has recognized influential voices in IoT, is seen as an expert in the field, and presents insightful, trustworthy, and relevant content.

The winner for the 2020 IoT influencer of the year was our very own Steve Brumer! He has dedicated the last 27 years to machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT services. It has been very good for him and what he’s been able to do for clients is outstanding. Bringing a sense of ideas to companies that allow them to look at monetization, commercialization, and how to make money using IoT has been what’s fun for him. Although in a traditional industry, he might be getting close to retirement, he says he’s not ready and doesn’t know what he would do. What excites him about IoT services is that you can educate yourself every day. There are new companies, new ideas, and great disruptive technology. A day does not go by where you don’t see something new that allows us to help other companies and people with the use of IoT.

Steve is very thankful and appreciative for this award. He loves IoT and isn’t going anywhere.

Continue Learning with an IoT Influencer

To see what the upcoming trends and areas for growth are for 2021, please watch the video above. To discuss IoT consulting with Steve, please contact BH IoT Group.

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