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In the below video, Steve Brumer of BH IoT Group and Bill Kleyman of Switch discuss IoT technologies and strategies for successfully selling IoT technology and services with Lauren Horwitz of IoT World Today. Take a look at a summary of their conversation, below, and learn more by watching the full video.

How to Get Ready for IoT Technology

It all starts with education, which is an area we need to embrace and do better at. Customers, end-users, resellers, dealers, and distributors need to understand every IoT technology component from end to end in order to have buy-in at the enterprise and SMB levels.


IoT Technology: Early Wins for Channel Partners

If you’re already in the IT space, upselling is made easy with IoT technologies. Although it is still difficult, it’s easier than ever to find the right solutions, sensors, products, and networks to offer any vertical market what they need to solve their problems.


Education on Regulatory Requirements

We are currently muddling through requirements around regulations for smart homes, buildings, and communities. Making sure what the industry is doing fits the ADA and handicap accessibility requirements is important for the construction vertical market.

In the logistics parts of transportation, we want to know how ELD is going to work. We can track a truck, but how does that relate to driver logs and integration? If you have a smart engine module what does that look like in the vertical market and does it fit and pass all the DOT regulations?

For public safety, facial recognition and gunshot sensors on telephone poles can be seen as a violation of privacy.


Why You Need to Become a Trusted Advisor

Selling ROI is great, but you have to be able to deliver the results. Currently, a lot of transportation companies aren’t breaking even on their investment because they thought they would be able to reduce the amount of trucks and drivers, but their trucks can be used to serve a lot of other needs in their cities. A trusted advisor takes a deep look at the business and helps identify these opportunities to truly deliver on the promises they make.


Advice to Successfully Deploy & Sell IoT Technology

There are so many areas to make money in IoT technologies from the sensors, to the gateways, to the EDGE boxes, etc. But it’s very important that you stay in your capabilities lane. Don’t over promise and under deliver or someone else will be hired to clean up your mess. Stay in your comfort zone and listen to the customer to find out their problem and use the products we have to solve the problem.


How Has Coronavirus Impacted IoT Services and Development?

The pandemic this year hasn’t had the effect you would think on IoT technology. Companies were already searching out smart devices and taking their work digitally before the pandemic. Instead, IoT technology has become a learning tool for the healthcare market in terms of implementing contact tracing, temperature sensing, and vaccine tracking.

Learn More About IoT Technology

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