Top 10 Tips for Success in IoT & Why You Need an IoT Consulting Firm

Designing, building, and executing an IoT product is a complex project. When you want to go-to-market quickly, cost-effectively, and successfully, follow these 10 tips.

Top 10 Tips for IoT Success

  1. Know, Understand and Document Your End Goal – Although the path to your end goal will certainly change as new data comes in, keep your eyes on the prize. Understanding the scope of the challenge you’re up against helps you interpret this data for greater usability.
  2. Take it One Step at a Time – The internet of things comes with unlimited potential, which is great, but can also be overwhelming when you’re standing at the start line. Instead of figuring out every single step before you even begin, just do the first most important thing. When that’s done, move on to the second, etc.
  3. Choose Connectivity Wisely – Take a look at your product’s life cycle and what stage it’s in. Are you working on something brand new? Scaling up an existing product? Pick a connectivity option that suits where you are now: Single source provider/eSim/iSim/Multi-IMSI or Roaming provider?
  4. Think of ALL Your End Users – When developing a product, keep the end user in mind. Design the product so it has everything they’ll want and need in an IoT device. Also remember that your end user may be using the device for more than one purpose, so make sure you take a look at all the ways it can be used.
  5. Have a Plan for Your Data – IoT devices produce massive amounts of data. You not only need to figure out how to gather, organize, and interpret this data, you also need to figure out what to do with it all. Creating actionable insights from the data is what prevents your device from ending up in a drawer.
  6. Keep it Safe – Cybersecurity is a major concern for IoT devices that gather user’s personal information. Make sure you have authentication, certificates, and other security protocols to prevent hackers from entering the back door.
  7. Focus on Your Unique Value – The world of IoT is not new, which means someone else has probably already created a device just like yours. However, you wouldn’t be developing your product if it didn’t do something different. Focus on what makes your product unique and you’ll find the target market.
  8. Find Great Partners – IoT has become so vast, no one person can master it all. Know where your strengths are, and find partners to help fill in the gaps. This is where working with an IoT consulting firm can be your saving grace.
  9. Provide Immediate Value – As soon as the user opens the box, they should be able to get value from your device. If you require a lot of time or money upfront to make your product worthwhile, you won’t end up with many customers.
  10. Remember the 4 Requirements – To have a successful IoT deployment, your product needs to have: strong and reliable connectivity, robust security and privacy protection, compatibility with related products, and comprehensive data management.

Why Work with an IoT Consulting Firm?

Companies engage with BH IoT Group because:

  • We have 30+ years of industry experience and connections within a very wide network.
  • We know what not to do based on that experience.
  • We can bring a product into the IoT market fast, efficiently, and under budget.

We understand the markets so well that we can see where a client’s products or services fit into which segment and how to attack it. If you’d like to have this knowledge and expertise on your side, please contact BH IoT Group today.

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