Top 5 Managed IoT Services

When researching the various ways to bring IoT services into your company, you might feel overwhelmed. There are many ways to integrate this technology, and you might not feel up to managing them all yourself. That’s where managed IoT services come in. A provider will set up your IoT ecosystem and manage the data for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

IoT Services

Here are the top five IoT services that are often managed by a third-party provider.

Sim and Device Management

Supply chain management is an incredibly important aspect for IoT. Finding the right partner for managed services includes sim insertion, APN provisioning, carrier selection, kitting, and possibly scripting for such verticals as fleet and asset management.

Device management also includes the need for the provider to have a well-rounded knowledge about the leading OEMs and fully understand how those devices behave on multiple networks, nationally and globally.

Choose a provider that clearly has a Sim Management Platform, OEM background, engineering services, and software developers that augment your overall go-to-market strategy.

Gateway and Router Management

Gateway and router management has increased dramatically because of Covid-19, and the need to work and educate at home. Key growth is also coming from alternative networks, such as LoRawan, EDGE Computing, EMRIT, and Sigfox, just to name a few. Private LTE is going to be a technology that will drive IoT for several years to come, which has a huge need for gateway and router management.

Private LTE

Often abbreviated as PLTE, it will allow companies and environments to clearly communicate within a closed network. Shipping ports, freighters, railways, manufacturing, and oil & gas industries will drive this market segment. PLTE will setup a gateway environment over LTE, allowing workers and machines to communicate, but then allow those workers to leave the PLTE network and utilize their devices over the public network.


CBRS coupled with PLTE is a hot subject these days. Many corporations and facilities are in serious discussions around the use of CBRS for video and data use cases within a structured geographic area. The CBRS gateways are installed in these venues and are connected to Band 48 compatible devices, whether that’s phones, video cameras, or IoT data products. With PLTE, users can be assured that their data is secure and within a private network within their environment which is the best reason to move in this direction.

VPN Private Networking

Private networks provide safety, security, and peace of mind. They act as an added security layer to prevent hackers from invading your network. Sure, VPNs have a cost, but how much will it cost your company, monetarily and publicly, by not having a VPN?

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