Expanding Capabilities with IoT Consulting Company BH IoT Group

How does a company begin its entrepreneurial journey? Steve Brumer, Founder of BH IoT Group, has successfully navigated the challenges surrounding starting and growing a business to provide premier IoT consulting services for his clients.  

Discover more about Steve Brumer, the evolution of BH IoT Group, and his expertise in business development in this interview with Go Solo below. 

Diving Into IoT Consulting Services

BH IoT Group is a leading IoT GTM, advisory, and strategy consulting firm focused entirely on the IoT segment of the wireless industry, helping F1000, mobile carriers, IoT hardware and software groups, and Solution Providers with their ability to monetize and commercialize their products and services.

The team of professionals at BH IoT Group builds and executes profitable IoT sales, marketing, product strategy, and IoT strategy consulting for companies of all industries. They focus on the business impact IoT has on an organization and its customers, how to integrate seamlessly, and bring products and IoT services to market that can succeed and demonstrate a strong ROI and new stream of profitable revenue.

As a serial entrepreneur, Steve has been in tech for over 40 years, wireless since 1987, and M2M/IoT since the early 90s to help companies with their IoT needs. Steve is motivated by providing value and knowledge that allows businesses in the industry to see through the haze to build and deliver IoT products, applications, and services that solve real problems.

In addition, Steve gives back to the industry by leading speaking engagements at universities and STEM events. His message emphasizes the importance of bringing more women and people of color into the IoT industry.

Accomplishments and Challenges

As a business owner, Steve’s most significant accomplishment is, “helping our clients make money in the IoT space by taking decades of experience and creating programs that work and can be executed.”

Additionally, Steve stresses that one of the most complex challenges of being a business owner is waking up each day as a commission-only company owner, always prospecting for clients to help.

Steve’s Quick Tips

  1. Compromise, compromise, compromise: Compromise daily with your employees, customers, and your significant other, who will always live with your business!
  2. Choose your friends wisely: While it may be a cliche, you must surround yourself with winners who are focused, knowledgeable, and committed to the success of your business. If not, get rid of them FAST.

Get the IoT Consulting Services You Need with BH IoT Group

BH IoT Group will be your trusted partner for building custom business solutions that succeed. They are on a mission to change the world, one company at a time, with data-backed technology. They will utilize their expansive knowledge and expertise to provide your business with the IoT consulting services it needs.

The team specializes in executing a tailored IoT sales, marketing, and product strategy that is designed to meet and exceed your company’s goals and objectives – all while handling your product and business development. By implementing the right IoT consulting services, you will expand your capabilities to foster the growth of your company and enhance your earning potential.

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