Growth & Execution Strategies Built to Enable IoT Success

BH IoT Group co-founder Steve Brumer joined IoT & Smart Industry Day hosted by Mext B2B Metaverse to discuss building an IoT ecosystem, monetizing IoT and securing the future of IoT deployments. 

‘Growth & Execution Strategies Built to Enable IoT Success’


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Discover your IoT needs and watch those needs get set up for success. At BH IoT Group, that’s exactly what we do for you and your business. We’re a leading IoT consulting practice that concentrates on your IoT goals and objectives.

IoT is HARD and no doubt challenging, which is why our team knows exactly how to break it down to simplify the approach and realize a positive revenue stream. We’ve experienced the struggles and roadblocks at every level and mastered how to maneuver through the land mines for your success.

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