IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 177 – Everything About Private 5G and IoT Business Solutions with BH IoT Group

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In this IoT Coffee Talk Rob, Leonard, Steve, and David dive into the dynamic landscape of Mobile World Congress Las Vegas 2023, zooming in on the pivotal theme of private 5G. 

In this episode, our IoT solutions group, BH IoT Group, is your gateway to insights into IoT business solutions and cutting-edge innovations.

IoT Coffee Talk: Insights from Your IoT Solutions Group

In this episode, Rob, Leonard, Steve, and David share their experiences at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas 2023, unraveling the nuances of private 5G and providing unique perspectives on event dynamics. From amusing anecdotes like Leonard’s guitar picking to serious recommendations for enhancing future events, this episode encapsulates the pulse of MWC LV 2023 while providing IoT business solutions and insights.

Noteworthy Moments:

  • Steve’s memorable encounter (or lack thereof) with Leonard at the event.
  • Recommendations to GSMA and CTIA for MWC LV 2024 improvement.
  • Insights into the potential rise of food courts as the next big event.
  • U2’s impactful christening of The Sphere.
  • Leonard’s guitar adventures and an entertaining intro mishap in Episode 177.

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MWC Las Vegas 2023 

Mobile World Congress Las Vegas, in partnership with CTIA, stands as the GSMA’s pinnacle event in North America, spotlighting the latest connectivity and mobile innovation trends. It’s a nexus where industry players converge, fostering collaboration and nurturing impactful relationships.

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