IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 178 – Uncovering XaaS in IoT: BH IoT Group’s Insights and IoT Strategies

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Welcome to another engaging episode of IoT Coffee Talk! Today, we dive into XaaS with BH IoT Group, solving the mysteries of Anything as a Service and its implications in IoT strategies and business solutions.

In this week’s episode, Rob, Bill, Steve, Marc, and David jump on Web3 to talk about:

  • The Las Vegas Sphere thing. It’s really awesome but getting back to the strip is a nightmare.
  • F1 Las Vegas – a good thing or a raw deal?
  • Should you follow your passion, or do you really suck at painting?
  • What happens when you mix football with Ex-Lax?
  • At some point, there is a tieback to IoT, LOL!!!
  • IoT Coffee Talk literally devolves into Sports Center!
  • XaaS in IoT. Will it work? Who is it for? (Finally, at 22:20)
  • Let’s talk business models and cost structures for XaaS in IoT!

XaaS: Navigating the Landscape of Everything as a Service

In this week’s episode, Rob, Bill, Steve, Marc, and David take center stage to discuss the multifaceted concept of XaaS. They explore the Las Vegas Sphere, dissecting its awesomeness and the challenges of navigating back to the strip. From F1 Las Vegas to the intersection of passion and painting skills, the conversation meanders into unexpected territories while maintaining a tie back to the heart of IoT.

IoT Strategies: Decoding the XaaS Dilemma in IoT

A pivotal discussion segment revolves around XaaS in IoT — its viability, target audience, and whether it will work. The team delves deep into the business model and cost structures associated with XaaS for IoT, providing valuable insights and IoT strategies into this evolving landscape.


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