IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 183 – Gen AI: The Emperor Has No Clothes?

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IoT Strategy Consulting Insights on Generative AI and IoT Innovations

Welcome to IoT Coffee Talk, where industry leaders, including BH IoT Group, converge for unfiltered discussions on the latest in IoT and offer IoT strategy consulting insights.

In this episode join Rob, Leonard, Stephanie, Steve, and Pete as they embark on a Web3 journey, sipping coffee and delving into critical topics shaping the tech landscape.

Navigating the Subtle Art of Tech and Humanity

The iPhone 15 Pro Conundrum

Rob humorously dissects why the iPhone 15 Pro might not be ideal for a submarine, weaving tech insights into everyday scenarios. The conversation serves as a reminder that even cutting-edge technology has its limits.

The Generative AI Odyssey

The team delves into generative AI, discussing its intrinsic value and impact. From decoding the significance of RAG (Random Art Generator) to grappling with the common-sense principle of “junk in, junk out,” the episode comprehensively explores the challenges and promises of generative AI.

Monetizing the Gen AI Wave

This segment revolves around the monetization of generative AI. The team raises pertinent questions about the business models that will sustain and thrive in the evolving world of AI applications. This forward-looking discussion sheds light on the inevitable question of how to grasp the full potential of generative AI.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Stephanie Atkinson’s Remarkable Philanthropy

This segment acknowledges Stephanie Atkinson’s impactful commitment to Elevate Our Kids. The team encourages viewers to support this noble cause by donating at It’s a testament to the human side of tech leaders.

Reach out to Stephanie Atkinson at Elevate Our Kids, and with a minimum donation at, become a part of one of the most influential IoT/Tech podcasts in the metaverse.

Honest Conversations, Real Tech, and IoT Coffee Talk

The unscripted, organic format of IoT Coffee Talk distinguishes it as a unique platform where leaders share tech insights and engage in genuine conversations. From dissecting technology’s intricacies to exploring tech leaders’ humanitarian side and discussing IoT strategy consulting insights, IoT Coffee Talk is an authentic blend of industry expertise and true camaraderie.

IoT Coffee Talk is a refreshing retreat where tech meets humanity in a world often dominated by tech jargon. This episode provides valuable insights into generative AI and underscores the philanthropic endeavors of tech leaders, proving that even in the fast-paced tech landscape, there’s room for compassion.

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