IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 202 – The Carbon Emissions Episode

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Welcome back to another out-of-this-world episode of IoT Coffee Talk! This week, Pete, Rob, Leonard, Jan, Andreea, Steve, Dimitri, and Bill gather around the virtual campfire to explore some of the most pressing topics in technology and sustainability.

But before we delve into the serious stuff, it’s time for some lighthearted bad karaoke. Get ready to rock out as the team attempts to tackle “Everlong” by Foo Fighters. Who knows, they might just hit all the right notes!

Now, onto the main event: Pete shares his insights and takeaways from NVIDIA GTC 2024. From groundbreaking advancements to the latest trends in AI and computing, there’s plenty to unpack.

But the conversation doesn’t stop there. We also delve into Adobe Firefly and the value of generative AI in isolation. How can we harness the power of AI to drive innovation and creativity in unexpected ways?

Of course, no IoT Coffee Talk would be complete without some thought-provoking discussions. This week, we tackle the public acceptance of emerging technologies and the security implications of generative AI. Are we ready for the brave new world of AI, or are there still hurdles to overcome?

But perhaps the most unexpected topic of all: farts in space! Join us as we explore the fascinating world of carbon emissions and sustainability, with insights from Rob’s report out on the Carbon Tracking & Reporting Conference 2024 in Houston.

And speaking of sustainability, Jan gives us an update on Industry 4.0 and what the future holds for innovation in manufacturing and beyond. From transparency to fleet management, there’s no shortage of topics to explore.

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