IoT Nuggets | Alef – Talking Applications on Private Mobile Networks w/ Shawn Sweeney

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Welcome back! We’re continuing our series on private mobile networks with returning featured guest Shawn Sweeney, Head of Strategy and Partnerships for ALEF. Today, we’ll dig into applications for private mobile networks.

Building Management with ALEF Solutions

Let’s talk about building management – for the last six years, Sweeney has been privileged to work with some of the most prominent IoT vendors in the world.

In today’s world, technologies like ALEF have a more innovative idea that there will be a distributed computing environment to run IoT applications. There will be some significant components of an application that will run in the cloud. As an example, there will be aspects that require specific performance characteristics, data patriation issues, or security characteristics.

At ALEF, they see a massive opportunity for their team as they’ve created an API-based platform that allows for horizontal integrations. It means having the ability to deconstruct aspects of the solution and pick and choose which parts are needed.

While ALEF doesn’t build applications, they thoroughly engage with partners and developers to assist with making the applications and provide an environment for new-age applications to run.

Looking Ahead

In 2024, 54% of all devices will be connected to networks that are LTE based – CBRS, 4G, and 5G. Sweeney believes that is consistent with a lot of the experience he’s had with some companies that focus on IoT and building management.

Today, companies are facing a changing landscape where the ability to build a solution from the ground up in a more customizable way is something to see as a demand that’s emerged in the marketplace.

Application Assistance with Different Verticals

Numerous studies have taken place around private mobile networks. One of the findings that Sweeney mentioned is that approximately half of the applications not migrated to the cloud are due to performance characteristics.

Specifically, ALEF would help customers with performance characteristics by hosting a portion of that application. This assistance would be at the network edge in their infrastructure as a service on top of their mobile network servicing.

ALEF helps customers in many different verticals, providing a level of performance that could be from latency to throughput or speed and more.

A Look into Healthcare

Healthcare is another excellent opportunity for ALEF. They are currently involved with a few healthcare-related customers at this time. For instance, one of their customers has a concept around storage reduction. It’s a medical device firm that has been storing its machine information in the cloud. Eventually, as they grew, they discovered the bill for it became a little outrageous.

As a result, they wrote a small metadata extraction application that runs through some data sets that reduces them to minimal requirements. That uploads to the cloud, and then ALEF redirects the storage to local storage that customers can keep for a regulatory period.

ALEF is always willing to help various applications to provide irrefutable value to their customers with problem-solving and reducing complexities for their private mobile networks.

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