IoT Nuggets | Ask Steve About IoT Technologies: He Knows Part 2

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Welcome to another episode of IoT Nuggets! Today, Steve and Doug are talking about some of the IoT technologies that are accelerating the industry. Steve has a few amazing products he’s been very impressed by, so let’s get into it!

The Newest IoT Technologies

Circuit Labels

Tag-n-Trac has created intelligent, printable labels that have wireless flex circuitry built into them that can track anything. You can print it yourself, stick it to anything, and send it out. When we look at asset tracking, labeling, and sending things out, we can combine them all with these circuit labels.

Battery Life

Energy harvesting gives you the ability to use a product that takes vibrations and stores up that energy to power an IoT device. For example, imagine such a unit on a railroad track. The vibration of that railroad track is storing the energy into a capacitor that allows it to power the IoT device, including the wireless capability.


With the ability to insert an eSim into your product, that product can be deployed anywhere in the world, yet take on local carrier’s persona so you get local rates. It has minimal management needs so you don’t need to send something to another country, because it will work with the same eSim.

IoT Satellites

Myriota has eight total satellites over Earth, with two of them over the US and Canada. They allow you to have 100% coverage and send small bites of information, about 20 byte messages. For rural America, this can change the game for agriculture, water, oil & gas, weather, and many other applications. You can send up to eight messages per day, but the pricing is incredibly low and the reliability is there.

Connected Vehicles

Cars, bikes, trucks, scooters, and other mobile vehicles all have the technology to track things and get vital business information from them. This incredible amount of information changes the way we do business and the way those companies do business with the public.

Stay Connected

There are plenty of other cool IoT technologies out there. If you know of something you’d like to share, please contact BH IoT Group! Don’t forget to join us on the next episode!

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