IoT Nuggets | IoT Platform: Embedded Works and the Helium Network

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We’re back for another episode of IoT Nuggets! Today is the first in a series of recordings about the Helium Network’s capabilities as an IoT platform. President and CEO of Embedded Works, Andy Do, will speak with Steve about the benefits of Helium and how to use it in specific applications. Most importantly, ideas for how to monetize the Helium network will be discussed throughout the series to ensure success and profit for all IoT specialists. We’ll be speaking with professionals from Embedded Works, Senet, and iHub throughout the series.

What is Embedded Works?

Embedded Works is a wireless and Internet of Things technology solutions provider and integrator, providing a comprehensive range of wireless devices and services to assist engineers, marketers, salespeople, and executives in addressing the hurdles of IoT integration.

What Does Embedded Works Do?

Embedded Works is a 16-years-young company that began as a distributor of wireless components for all the buzzword technologies we know and love: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, cellular, etc. And through the years, it’s evolved into a company that provides solutions. So, on top of selling hardware for very wireless-centric space, Embedded Works also provides GPS tracking services. But at the end of the day, the main goal is to enable clients to build out a wireless solution. And today, of course, the buzzword is IoT.

The Helium Network: An IoT Platform

The Helium Network is the first peer-to-peer wireless network that allows anyone to deploy a hotspot and earn cryptocurrency for connecting wireless devices.

The network is currently being built out with Helium Hotspots, which are small devices that create a wireless network in the 915Mhz band and allow devices to connect wirelessly to the internet up to 2 miles away. Devices connect to the hotspots over long-range LoRaWAN and pay cryptocurrency (Helium) to access the network.

Helium Hotspots enable any low-power device (such as a temperature sensor, pet collar, or asset tracker) to connect wirelessly around homes, neighborhoods, farms, businesses, and cities. The network also enables new applications such as wireless video monitoring of remote locations.

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